Francis Naydler is an architect, interested in the intersection between architectural and social forms. His work explores how built form can be developed collaboratively through critical research, conversation, and rigorous attention to what lies at hand. 
Francis currently works as an architect at Johansen Skovested Arkitekter in Copenhagen. 
Alongside this, he works on design and research projects with Medium – a collective he co-founded in 2018. With Medium, he has recently been commissioned to build an installation for the inaugural Tbilisi Architecture Biennial, and in Tbilisi is now building permanent common infrastructure for an ex-soviet housing block. Alongside this, he is mapping emerging inequalities in Copenhagen for an upcoming conference on housing in Vienna and conducting research into how to alleviate neglected housing areas in Copenhagen.
He has recently presented a lecture at the Copenhagen Architecture Festival on Common Forms, a method for designing ‘in common’, as well as a definition for design that activates common space. He has also organised lectures for Another Architecture, an exhibition and symposium in Tbilisi, and designed and built an installation for the International Union of Architects World Congress in Seoul. He has recently co-edited the publication ‘Political Architecture 2017: Tbilisi’ and contributed to the publication ‘Political Architecture 2018: Havana’.
Previously he has been a management assistant in a six-week workshop for the Fundaciòn Ria in Galicia, whose aim is to contribute ideas and research for the sustainable development of the Ría de Arousa region through setting up dialogues with the regions administrative, industrial, educational and social organisations.
He has two years experience as an architectural assistant in London at David Chipperfield Architects, working on a new apartment in New York and several competitions in Shanghai, at Prewett Bizley Architects, working on low-energy retrofits and as a model builder at 3XN and Henning Larsen in Copenhagen. 
Francis graduated from Political Architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, where his thesis project aimed to re-define the hospitality industry in Cuba through the design of an institution that created trans-national and local partnerships in sports, culture and tourism. He holds a Bachelor’s in Architecture from the University of Brighton.
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